Wilson J. Washington III

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Wilson James Washington III, a 37 year-old Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, is the founder and owner of tRUCKFIT


Wilson has been married, for 10 years, to his wife Tammy. They have 4 children, all boys, ranging in age; Kristopher is 17, Jackson is 16, Carson is 9 and Jacob is 2.


For the past 8 years, Wilson has been an elite fitness competitor in Obstacle Course Racing; in addition, for the past 5 years, he has been the Regional Director of Fitness for Orangetheory Fitness Georgia.


Wilson, whose passion has always been to have a fitness center of his own, chose to take a step out on faith and founded tRUCKFIT. With his oldest boys set to graduate high school in 2021, Wilson saw it as his duty to show his own boys career independence. "They need to know that not only are you worth it, but if you believe in yourself, always take a chance on you."


Earlier this year, Wilson wrote a children's book, titled “Jacob the Turtle: Without a Shell”, to not only show his own children that WE are capable, but to leave a little bit of "himself" for his sons, should they find themselves without him, one day. 


Wilson finds himself deeply connected with CrossFit and its methodology; not only that, but “fitness in 100 words” speaks directly to him and has for many years. "From the food I nourish my body with, to my own level of performance, I am a “simple man” like the Lynyrd Skynyrd song; this is probably my favorite song because it sums me up in less than 6 minutes... Be a simple kind of man... be something you love and understand."